A new homeopathic drop therapy is melting away emotional conflicts: 

Almost every illness has psychosomatic roots, that means it is based on somatic and psychogen origins (Example: Stomach ulcer under stress, migrainethrough tension)

Illness means always disturbed flow of energy or blockage of the energy-centers (chakras).

Computer-check of energy blockages

For the first time, based on the revolutionary research of Dr. Ulrike and Dr. Reimar Banis, Germany, it is possible to measure the obstruction of the energy flow with  a computer (Reba-test) as well concerning their quality as well of their quantity.

Also the damaging influence of earth radiation (geopathy)  can be checked out.

Based on the exact diagnosis of the energy blockages and the resulting conflicts the therapy will be performed with specially composed  homeopathic drops.

According to the computer analysis of the energy flow the homeopathic drops will be taken during a period of about two months, depending of the result of the examination.

Homeopathic drops are dissolving energetic blockages

Through the therapy the conflicts and blockages will be melted away. The energy begins to flow again with natural force and increased vitality helps the organism to heal itself. With this first diagnostic and therapeutic step a major part of deep psychosomatic conflicts can be healed. In some steps later on, new conflicts and blockages can be detected and be melted again away.

Increasing self healing abilities in cancer patients

The psychosomatic energetics therapy with homeopathic drops is suitable to the most acute and chronic illnesses. Also in cancer patients the therapy can help to increase self healing abilities. Also during psychotherapy the drops can support the healing process through increasing energy and melting down psychosomatic symptoms.

Treating the roots of chronic illnesses.

Psychosomatic energetics with homeopathic drops treats the roots of emotional conflicts (depression, anxiety, panic disorders, insomnia, burn out etc.) and is able to reestablish the lost psychosomatic balance. Especially helpful in chronic disorders like headache, migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Also in loosing weight programs the new therapy can be very helpful trough eliminating the hidden conflicts, in which overeating is the wrong therapy.