Medical PractiCe


was established in 1979 and its aim is to continue and integrate the principles of conventional and complementary medicine as no one system of medicine has the whole answer to every medical problem.


Great emphasis is placed on preventive medicine as a way of maintaining good health with the following treatments:

Psychosomatic Energetics - Homeopathy, Psychotherapy, Anti-Aging therapy & nutrition, life style change, exercising, relaxation, weight reduction.


Complementary medicine provides another dimension to what we think of as conventional medicine can be.

While traditional medicine tends to focus on treating specific illnesses and their symptoms, complementary medicine takes a broader view and considers factors as the patient´ s energetic blockade, diet, working-environment, sleeping habits, stress conditions, biographic and hereditary aspects, genetic pre-dispositions as a summary of a holistic view of the patient´s psychosomatic disorders. Each of the complementary therapies has a different system, but all of them "help the body to heal itself".


Thank to the multilingual abilities of Dr. Littasy (English, German, French, Hungarian and  Italian), patients can refer their problems in their mother language.